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A big move!

Colsterworth and Colsterworth by Woolsthorpe is the birth place of Sir Issac Newton. Nestled into the beautiful rolling countryside above Rutland; each village with sandstone cottages are charming and picture perfect.

We have been so lucky to have found a bungalow with amazing views and an extra large garage for the cars. This was one of our criteria, which probably made the search even harder, but with dogend perseverance we nailed it and how happy we are! 

We have upgraded the cars although we have stuck to the same type of vehicle’s, only the truly keen mad car enthusiast would be able to tell! Katie has been upgraded from Maggie, she is a 1967 Morris Minor and of course we had to keep her original name so Maggie headed off to Doncaster and we collected Katie from Newport Pagnell and Pearl well, she is still Pearl only a face lift model with a bit of Botox! Fresh and new.

So, it’s back to work for us, like they say ‘no time like the present!’  We have been researching wedding locations and there are no shortage of spectacular and quite frankly mind blowing venues. Barnsdale Hall Hotel on edge of the water at Rutland, Hambleton Hall in Oakham and the stunning Stoke Rochford Hall with connections to the Royal Family, to mention but a few, the list goes on and on. Clearly some are for a fuller budget but there are some beautiful venues that I’m sure would cater for the normal peeps..!

We’re settling in well so keep your eyes peeled for new blogs and changes to the website.