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Is Vintage the best bridal theme?

It never fails to amaze me all the styles of weddings and themes and choice of venues the bridal party have access to. The choice has become endless and the themes will always come back around. As they say you only need to wait 25 years the theme comes round again and you can dig your flared trousers out the closet again! Some of us choose to forget those days!

But it’s true and this season we are currently looking at the Shabby Chic and Vintage with the pretty pastel colours and flowing dresses, loose floral head dresses and bridesmaids in chiffon. (A florist’s dream!!) I have to say I love this style and love the romantic feel it produces. It can be so much easier on the Brides with the style of dresses, this makes the whole feel less starchy and easier to have a dress that comfortable, which makes it easier to get in and out of the car and better for your wedding Breakfast. Always good to squeeze more wedding cake in without popping out at the seams!

Given the choice again I would certainly pick the Vintage theme with an outdoor twist. I would be picked up in Maggie our Morris Minor wedding car and romantically whisked away from all my guests with my Husband, the roof down on the car and my hair ruffled by the wind, of course champagne in hand and heading to a 5 star hotel….

The romance of vintage goes on and on and can be created in so many different ways as you can achieve the look with crafts at home or hiring storm lanterns and candles, jam jars and cute signs. Whether it’s on a shoe string or very expensive it will be perfect for your special day as long as you have the people you love to share it with you. Vintage is romantic and elegant, pretty and fun. We love Vintage and we love our Morris Minors that are perfect for Vintage themes.